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nur3120 nurses as leaders in healthcare

This course is meant to initiate the awakening of a wide view of the style and functioning of healthcare organizations and their subsequent impact on the various healthcare models. This course, further highlights the role of nurses as managers and leaders within the healthcare ecosystem. We are available to help you 24x7.

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Registered nurses are professionals who have degrees in nursing and are licensed to practice in the nations, states, or provinces where they are employed. Considered to be of crucial service in the healthcare sector, they work in diverse healthcare settings ranging from public/private hospitals and clinics to elderly care facilities and community centres. Registered nurses have the scope to specialize in fields such as anaesthesia, paediatric care, prenatal care, critical care, geriatric care, orthopaedic care, and several others.

Generally, nursing professionals are in charge of maintaining records of medical history, providing healthcare advocacy and sustaining communication with patients’ families, collaborating with doctors and team of nurses to extend optimum care, performing tests for diagnosis, administering treatment and medication, monitoring vital statistics and responding to emergencies, operating medical equipment, and educating patients and families about healthcare measures.

In playing these roles, leadership skills are a necessity because nurses acquire the position of advocates who dictate instructions to be followed. Collaborating multiple teams to work together likewise demand leadership skills. Apart from the need for leadership abilities in general nursing practice, there exists certain specialized roles for nurses, where they assume leadership to guide their teams, train nursing students/ interns, and instruct the public


Front-line nurses work directly with patients, at the point of service delivery, such as in emergency rooms or labour rooms. Owing to their consistent interaction with patients, they are in an ideal position to develop and implement latest models of care which would enhance the safety, efficacy, and overall standard of the treatment procedures being implemented. In such a role, leadership skills are an essential requisite because it allows individual nurses to become accountable for their performance and empowers them to ensure that their teammates are similarly accountable.

Other key skills such as emergency response, resolution of conflict, crisis management, communication, ability to negotiate, convincing prowess, time management, and coordination also fall under the umbrella of leadership skills, which nurses develop during the course of their service. As such front-line nurses serve as healthcare leaders who have the maximum contact and influence over patients, their families, and over the community.


Community nurses play a significant role serving as agents of social change, impacting the health conditions of communities at large. Their job includes promotion of immunizations and vaccines, physical activities, and good nutrition among other things. Working in public healthcare facilities, they educate common people about the importance healthcare practices from a position of authority.

Community nurses act as leaders in preparing and responding to healthcare emergencies such as pandemics. Chief workers during health emergencies, they are in a position to limit infection spread through well-enforced precautionary measures. It is part of their responsibility to detect such threats to community health at an early stage and contain the spread immediately. Community nurses are simultaneously trained for responding to disasters such as earthquakes, fires, or terrorist attacks.

They are thoroughly acquainted with the working mechanisms of provincial and federal health departments to know how to act out during emergencies. Thus, responsible for providing critical service and guidance during severe crisis, community nurses are leaders who ensure the safety and wellbeing of the mass.


Chief Nursing Officers (CNO) are responsible for coordinating and supervising the nursing department of an institution and they participate in the decision-making procedures of the said organizations. CNOs act as the spokesperson for entire nursing departments, serving as the bridge between staff nurses and the administration. They represent the interests of nurses to the board while formulation of important policies related to pay grades, benefits, work schedules, and so on; at the same time they align nurses to the objectives, vision, and working culture of the organization. In most organizations, CNOs report directly to CEOs or to Chief Operating Officers.

Notably, in many organizations CNOs serve as members of the hospital board alongside doctors, and though the percentage of their representation at such administrative level is low, they do play an important role in providing essential perspective about care delivery issues, quality of care and access to equipment, responsiveness, potential precaution against hazards, and such factors. Decisions regarding recruitment, retention, and turnover assessment are also influenced by CNOs. As such, CNOs function as administrators who represent nurses, and as individuals who help to formulate and execute key decisions, their roles as leaders are irreplaceable.


Nurse researchers are scientists who develop new techniques that can be employed in nursing to improve healthcare. They research on health care methods which are efficient, scientific, patient oriented, economic, and would be accessible to the greatest portion of a diverse demography. New healthcare techniques developed by nurse researchers are implemented in local communities by authorities, under the supervisions of the respective researchers, who thereby assume the role of leaders. They lead the nursing industry by enhancing their capacity to provide better healthcare services using latest technologies, and they also act as social leaders by improving the quality of healthcare available to people.

Apart from improving quality of healthcare through research, they play key roles in the formulation of federal and provincial healthcare policies by working as official advocates to the respective governments, and by directing their healthcare objectives. Nurse researchers help to upgrade access to and quality of healthcare while facilitating a decrease in costs and disparities existent in healthcare systems. They ensure nursing practices are strictly evidence-based, and as such they form the scientific backbone of the profession. Nurse researchers are therefore leaders by all means.


Nurse Educators are leaders who shape the future generation of nurses through academic teaching and practical training. Faculties who teach nursing courses at colleges and universities are nurse educators, and they are responsible for planning the curriculum and teaching the same to aspiring nurses at undergraduate and post-graduate levels. They supervise nursing students during the course of their clinical and laboratory works, guiding them during the training periods. Nurse educators also function as mentors who counsel nursing students about career decisions and direct their personality development such that they can fit into the public roles they are required to assume. The theoretical and practical skills that nurses possess are learned from nurse educators in the first place, who lead the way from younger generation of nurses.


Critical Thinking: Nurses are regularly faced with situations where they need to make prompt decisions based of a number of factors, and such responsiveness requires training in critical thinking. Within healthcare facilities, nurses collaborate different departments and tend to their patients; accordingly, the ability to strategize and execute their operations demand the ability to assess situations critically.

Professional socialization: As leaders in the healthcare establishment, nurses need to have great understanding of patient-caregiver dynamics. This is an important skill that nurse educators inculcate within nursing students at the training stage, teaching them how to engage with patients. This is one of the primary skills that nurse administrators assess while electing a new generation of administrators.

Professionalism: Nurses stand at the delivery point of critical services and it is crucial for them to be highly professional in their operations, prioritising their jobs over everything else. In such positions as those of CNOs, nurses play administrative roles as members of the boards, who contribute towards management-related decisions. Absence of professionalism would not allow nursing practitioners to ascend to such heights.

Emotional Intelligence: Nurses work in challenging environments where stress and burnout can be a part of their job, and they are accordingly trained to develop emotional intelligence, so that they can support their team members and the execute the jobs through collaboration. By cultivating their leadership skills, they are taught to take on responsibilities and to be empathetic towards colleagues and patients. Emotional Intelligence not only make them good nurses but also proficient leaders who can put the needs of others before themselves.


Students of many universities in Australia, including the university of Southern Queensland studying in the Faculty of Health, Engineering and Sciences are required to submit an assignment on Nurses as Leaders in Health Care settings. The general considerations of this course is that healthcare organizations primarily define their policies and standards, the manner in which healthcare services are delivered, channels of communication and how they are monitored. All these factors affect our personal and professional lives deeply and hence become an important subject of study and research.

Nurses will also have to know about people who hold authority and power in the organization & information systems. They should also have an understanding about the satisfaction levels of employees as well as customers of the organization. Exactly for these reasons, nurses will often have to slip into the role of a manager or leader or customer in the organization. Hence, they will need leadership qualities and be well-versed with the principles of management, team building, conflict management, quality assurance & followership.


Our nursing experts come from strong academic backgrounds and they have a deep understanding of this topic. In this course, students are given an assignment wherein they have to write a critical reflection of leadership theory and attributes that they have observed in the clinical practice. It helps in the future professional development of students since they reflect the leadership style observed and make critical assumptions. Our writers pose a situation where leadership was inadequate during the care and management of clients.

In the written essay, they include the outline of the situation and relevant events. Since these essays are based on practical situations and applying leadership theories, students face problems in completing them. Extensive research methods have to be applied to link the clinical situation with leadership theories and draw relevant conclusions. Therefore, our nursing essay writing service provides relief to nursing students and they can assign all their academic writing tasks to our experts. Here, our writers discuss the implications of leadership roles in nursing practices. Some of the leadership theories which can be included in the essay are congruent leadership, servant leadership, breakthrough leadership and transformational leadership.


The course strives to highlight the thought that all nurses are leaders and managers at some level and that every nurse is a leader, or has to be a one. It is an important requirement of being a nurse. This course will enable nursing students to understand all the major organizational theories, observe the role and relationship of mission statements in organizations, philosophies and modes of communications, modes of delivery of healthcare services, identify organizational structures, impact of climate and culture on nursing, understand all the important management and leadership theories and discuss their application in practical situations, leverage critical thinking to enhance team building and develop conflict resolution strategies within the scope of nursing practices.


do my nursing assignment This course stresses on understanding the importance of leadership in healthcare organizations, while at the same time, encouraging nurses to accquire leadership and management qualities. Along the same lines, our company is the undisputed leader in providing high-quality academic writing services worldwide. We deliver outstanding and reliable quality. Our prices are affordable and realistic. Ordering an assignment with us is easy and convenient. Our writings clearly demonstrate feelings & meanings within the critical incident. There is a critical discussion of the leadership event and applying leadership theory to practice. Our writers provide adequate examples to illustrate the range of leadership outcomes and strategies identified from the reflection for lifelong learning and professional development. Our experts provide accurate referencing and follow specific standards required by each university.

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NUR3120 Nurses as Leaders in Health Care Settings


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