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Welcome to the best website for mechanical engineering assignment help, for college and university students. If you are looking for urgent assignment help for any engineering subject or programming language, you have arrived in the right place. We deliver high-quality engineering assignment help for all mechanical engineering topics such as machine design, structural design, engineering physics, applied algebra & statistics, programming, mathematical modelling, fluid mechanics, kinematics, advanced modelling & simulation, thermodynamics, advanced stress analysis, robotics, nanotechnology, bioengineering & computational mechanics and more. Get guaranteed assignment help for even your most complex college or university engineering assignments, homework or projects. We will deliver your fully completed assignment(s) exactly when you need it. In case you have to submit an assignment overnight, we offer 24 hours assignment help where we can deliver your assignment within 24 hours, or even earlier, if necessary. Of course, this also depends on the feasibility of the assignment. In other words, if we accept your order, we will absolutely deliver it on the agreed date & time. We are open 24 hours, all days.

mechanical engineering assignment help

After you pay for mechanical engineering assignment help on our website to confirm your order with us, it becomes our responsibility to make sure your engineering assignment is assigned to the right expert, completed well and most importantly, delivered back to you on time, so that you are able to submit it on time and get maximum scores for it. We deliver high-scoring, error-free and 100% plagiarism-free assignments, exactly as per your requirements.

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Mechanical engineering combines the disciplines of engineering physics, material science, and mathematics to develop, construct, and sustain mechanical systems which can range from heavyweight lifting machines to dams to ultrasound machines. Some of the central areas of mechanical engineering are mechanics, thermodynamics, manufacturing procedures, transportation mechanisms, robotics, nanotechnology, and structural analysis. It is the job of mechanical engineers to plan, design, and manufacture power-producing machines like gas or steam turbines, combustion engines, and electric generators along with power-consuming machines like air-conditioners and refrigerators. They also produce machines meant for transportations like escalators or elevators.


Machine design is the method by which raw material is transformed into machines that can yield useful output, as per the needs of designers. Machine design is aimed towards the invention of new machines to solve problems or improvement of existing designs to enhance their performance. As such, machine design can be categorised into adaptive design where an old design is adapted to meet new challenges; developmental design, where existing technologies and materials are combined with new resources and latest tech to develop present designs into improved versions; finally, there are new designs which are invented from scratch to fulfil the needs in question. Essential factors to be considered in machine designing are machine elements or basic parts of a machine such as bearings, springs, gears, etc; mechanical behaviour machines are subject to such as dynamics, statics, vibrations, material strength, fatigue, etc; lastly, manufacturing procedures like computerized machine control, ergonomics, quality control, etc are focussed on in machine design.


Structural design is a systematic study of rigidity, strength, and stability of structures, and purpose of structural design and analysis is to ensure that the structure being designed can withstand all loads that are applied to it during the course of its life without failure. The basic objective of a structure is to withhold load or transfer it to another structure, and if the load exceeds the specified limit imposed while designing, there is a chance that the structure will malfunction or collapse. This, however, can be prevented when a structure is properly designed, which minimizes the chances of serious mishaps. The purpose of a well-engineered structure is to reduce expensive failures; the integrity of structural design is ensured by the quality of material used, proportional composition of materials, efficiency of the design plan, preventive measures against disasters (like earthquake), and such factors.


Engineering Physics collectively studies physics, engineering, mathematics, biology, and social sciences with the purpose of applying scientific methods to diverse fields. Engineering physics aims to develop and use new scientific ideas and methods to solve engineering problems, which are mostly complex technology oriented. It finds great utility in mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, nuclear science, aerospace engineering, and computer science. Engineering physics is generally offered as a dual degree program where a major in applied physics is combined with an advanced major in engineering. When it comes to the said engineering major, scholars have the alternatives to opt for mechanical, electrical, computer engineering or any other discipline of their choice. Apart from physics and mathematics, chemistry is equally stressed upon in Engineering physics.


Applied algebra and statistics are often an integral part of engineering solutions, and a course on the same is introduced to students while they are enrolled for an engineering degree. Some of the core topics of applied algebra and statistics which are relevant in engineering are matrices, algebra of complex numbers, probability, and discrete/ continuous probability distribution. It is significant to note the relationships between complex numbers and algebraic/ transcendental functions since they can be applied to electrical network and other systems in mechanical engineering. Use of determinants and matrices to solve systems of linear equations are essential owing to their relevance in different fields of engineering but also in general science disciplines.


Knowledge of programming is an essential skill for engineers in all fields because they help engineers to solve analytical and computational problems. Apart from software engineers, knowledge of programming is essential for mechanical, energy, electronics, and control system engineers as well as for architects. All these fields of engineering depend upon computer-aided design and manufacturing (CAD/ CAM) at present, where models for their projects are designed, developed, simulated, tested, analysed, and optimised virtually before the prototypes are approved for production. There are numerous computing environments which engineers need to work with every day, and thus it is crucial for them to be well-versed in programming languages. Programming languages which are most useful for engineers include Python, C/ C++, Matlab, and Java. Click here for programming assignment help.


Mathematical modelling is a complex procedure by which problems evident in an area of application is translated into a mathematical formulation, such that an analysis of the said formulation with a numerical or theoretical approach would provide new information and answers that could be used in the application from where the formulation was derived. A mathematical modelling is said to be successful if it seems applicable to the immediate as well as other future problems, provides a precise direction for solving a problem, provides a better control or design for the system it is dealing with, and makes the most of latest computing abilities. Mathematical modelling is of grave importance in engineering fields such as mechanical engineering, because problems in designing or performance can be translated into mathematical models and solved. Examples of mathematical models include equations, graphs, chemical formula, tables, diagrams, and pie charts.


Fluid mechanics studies the behaviour of fluids (which can be gas, liquid, or plasma) when in state of rest or motion. Fluids have the tendency to act differently when various forces (such as gravity or friction) are applied on them, and they consequently affect the bodies which are placed in them (such as an aeroplanes). Therefore, an understanding of fluid mechanics is essential in multiple branches of study including mechanical engineering, aeronautical engineering, civil engineering, biomedical engineering, astrophysics, oceanography, geophysics, and other. Fluid mechanics is generally divided into fluid statics which study fluid behaviour when at rest and fluid dynamics which study fluid behaviour when external forces are applied on them. Five relationships are paid attention to in problems of fluid mechanics, which are constitutive, stress, regulating, kinematic, and conservatory relationships.


Kinematics is concerned with motion, without taking forces that cause such motion into consideration; it is one of the elemental topics in mechanical engineering, since it forms the basic step in the design or analysis of a mechanism. When kinematics is combined with kinetics (study of forces), it evolves into dynamics. In kinematics, one focuses on the behaviour of machine parts which move during a thermodynamic cycle, and changes in acceleration, velocity, and displacement are noted. While designing or improving a machine model, kinematics offers perspectives to explain how different moving parts of a machine function for its successful operation, and how these parts and their movements can be altered to enhance performance.


Engineers and scientists presently consider creation of virtual models to be an initial step towards innovation, and their modelling procedures include 2D sketches, 3D designs, mathematical relations, simulations, and finally physical models. The purpose of modelling is to diagnose possible behaviour and performance of the machines being designed. Observations thus made are used to improve the models, to optimise performance, cost, and durability of the machines. Simulation is of particular interest in this regard: it is a mathematical model designed with a computer, containing all essential parameters of a physical model. The simulation is subjected to certain conditions, and impact made by those conditions on the simulation is noted in order to make improvements to the model. Such advanced modelling and simulation helps to eliminate the need for physical experiments which are expensive and time-consuming.


Thermodynamics is the science which studies the relation between heat, temperature, work, various forms of energy, physical property of matter, and radiation. The way these factors behave in relation to one another is explained by the laws of thermodynamics. The focus primarily remains on transfer of energy from one place to another and change in the form of energy. An elemental concept of thermodynamics is that mechanical work generates heat energy. In mechanical engineering, the connection between mechanical work and heat was of consideration to begin with, but the application of thermodynamics eventually also expanded to the study of chemical reactions and chemical compounds used in mechanical structures.


Advanced stress analysis is one of the basic jobs to be performed by mechanical engineers who are involved in structural designing of dams, bridges, tunnels, aircrafts, and such mechanical structures. Stress analysis gauges the stress that is exerted upon structures and materials when they are subjected to certain forces; to understand the possibilities of a structure’s failure, advanced stress analysis is crucial. Factors considered in an advanced stress analysis include geometrical shape of structures, materials used for construction, level of stress they are expected to withstand, and so on. To perform advanced stress analysis, engineers undertake experimental testing, analytic mathematical modelling, classic mathematical techniques, computational simulation, or an integration of multiple methods.


Robotics is an interdisciplinary branch of engineering integrating mechanical engineering, computer science, and electrical engineering. It is concerned with the designing, manufacture, operation, and use of robotic devices to solve practical problems. Robotics is largely dependent on computer systems for control, information processing, and sensory feedback of the robots, but before robots become functional, they have to be physically manufactured, and this falls in the realm of mechanical engineering. Physical structures of robots are planned and designed by mechanical engineers who take care of joint mechanisms, heat transfer, strength, and performance aspects of robots. Such mechanical designs must be manufacturable and ought to meet specific performance needs of these robots. Factors such as wiring, circuit boards, power amplifiers, and control electronics which are also part of the physical structure are attended to by electrical engineers.


Nanotechnology deals with materials at a molecular, atomic, or supramolecular level. Matters which are worked with in nanotechnology have at least one dimension that falls within 1 and 100 nanometers. Nanotechnology has lately been used with the hope of developing new components and devices, such as nanoelectronics, biomaterials, and nanomedicines. Mechanical engineers play an important role in the discipline of nanotechnology by contributing to nanoscale manufacturing, biomolecular detection, nano and micro fluidics, nanoscale thermal transport, development of naomechanical material, computational modelling, and much more. With an increased focus on sustainable engineering, biotechnology and nanotechnology are rising as prominent fields of innovation; as such, roles of mechanical engineers in spheres of nanotechnology are expanding.


Bioengineering is a comparatively new field of study where principles of life sciences, physical sciences, engineering, and mathematics are combined to produce solutions for problems in the fields of medicine, biology, and healthcare. Mechanical, electrical, and chemical engineering are especially notable in this regard, with some of the products of bioengineering being artificial joints, knees, hips, prosthetics, x-ray machines, MRI machines, ultrasound machines, artificial creation of cells and tissues, and many more. A specialized sub-branch of bioengineering is biomechanical engineering where engineers research on equipment or devices that would facilitate growth in research aptitudes in the field, they work together with doctors in hospitals, and in the medical device manufacturing industries. Core elements of mechanical engineering which are relevant in bioengineering are kinetics, heat and mass transfer, fluid mechanics, and thermodynamics.


Computational mechanics studies phenomenon that are governed by laws of mechanics, making use of computational procedures. Initially, it was considered to be a sub-branch of applied mechanics but presently it is considered to fall under the umbrella of computational science. With mechanical engineers becoming largely dependent on computing environments to analyse their designs, computational mechanics have become an important area of study. Three crucial pillars of computational mechanics are mathematics, computer science, and mechanics with a focus on computational solid mechanics, computational fluid mechanics, computational electromagnetics, and computational thermodynamics. Computational mechanics have proved to be of great utility in areas of crash simulation, biomechanics, semiconductor modelling, and petroleum reservoir modelling. Typically, mathematical models are developed to represent actual phenomenon and latest computation methods are used to analyse the said phenomenon in computational mechanics.


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mechanical engineering assignment help


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mechanical engineering assignment help


mechanical engineering assignment help

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