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Finance is a discipline that deals with the management of money and includes several activities like borrowing, investing, lending, saving, forecasting, budgeting, creation and study of money. It basically delves into the process employed by government, companies and individuals to acquire money which is referred to as capital and how this capital is invested or spent. Finance is not just limited to individual entities but also deals with the overall system, how money flows through the financial markets between and within these entities by financial instruments like investments and the Financial Services sector facilitates this flow. Hence, finance also refers to the study of the securities market, including institutions and derivatives serving as an intermediary to all the individual units to enable the flow of money.

Finance comprises three interrelated areas:

1. Money and Credit Markets 2. Investments & 3. Financial Investment

The major focus of finance is the management of investments, referred to as asset management for companies and money management for individuals. Activities like securities trading, stockbroking, financial engineering, investment banking and risk management also fall under finance. As finance is an extensive area, so the basic knowledge of finance and its principles enables one to take all the financial decisions in an effective manner. Let’s delve into the basic concepts and principles of finance.


Net Worth: Net worth is basically the measure of the financial health of an individual. Net worth can be calculated by subtracting your debts from your total assets. Positive net worth indicates good financial health.

Inflation: Sustained hike in the price of services and goods is referred to as inflation. With the increase in prices, the buying ability of customers decreases.

Yield: Yield basically refers to the money generated or cash flow that is received by an investor for the investments made in a particular span of time. Higher yields or return on investment than the actual investment creates value.

Financial statements: Financial statements include all the reports that determine the financial standing or all the financial information of an entity in a detailed manner. It includes assets, shareholder’s contributions, expenses, equities, incomes, liabilities, and cash flow.

Profit: Profit refers to the financial benefits acquired when the revenue generated from a business bypasses the expenses, taxes and other costs involved in carrying out the business.

Cost of capital: Cost of capital refers to the amount needed in order to set up a capital budgeting project, such as constructing a new factory etc. It also refers to the minimum amount that must be earned before generating profit.

Shareholders: Shareholder refers to the institution, company or individual that legally holds at least one or more shares of a business entity.

Liquidity and Cashflow: Liquidity refers to the accessibility of your funds. Cash is highly liquid as it is readily available and can be accessed immediately, whereas certain assets, including home, needs time to gain value; hence they are inaccessible.

Marketing Investments: Marketing investment refers to the purchase of an item or asset with the assumption of generating profit or higher value in the future.

Bull market: The bull market refers to the growing market, prices of shares of this market are constantly increasing. The bull market indicates a good position of an economy and a low level of unemployment.

Bear market: The bear market is the opposite of the bull market. In such markets, the growth rate is diminishing with a decrease in share price and the downfall of the economy. Such markets are always facing trouble with higher levels of unemployment.

Risk tolerance: Risk tolerance refers to the level of comfortability of the market with highs and lows. It also determines the aggressive nature of investments. It depends on the time invested, earning potentials and number of assets.

Asset allocation and diversification: Asset allocation refers to the management of money and assets depending on the needs and goals of individuals. Asset allocation forms the primary basis of diversification that enables one to balance their assets.

Interest: Interest refers to the sum of money a financial lender of an institution receives for lending out their money. It is the monetary charge applied to the borrowers till the borrowed money is repaid to the lender and the amount that a lender charge is referred to as Interest rate.


Principle of risk and return: The principle of risk and return demonstrates that investors need to be conscious of both risk as well as a return because an increase in risks will increase the rates of return. Risk and return must be measured by both relative measurement and direct measurement to ensure higher rates of return.

Time value of money principle: This principle indicates that with the passage of time, the value of money keeps on decreasing. So, the inflation rate and required rate of return must be considered before taking funds or investing, and the required rate of return must always be higher than the inflation rate so that loss due to inflation can be compensated by return.

Cash flow principle: This principle basically delves into cash inflow and cash outflow, stating that higher cash inflow during earlier periods is more beneficial than cash flow during later periods. This principle also takes into account the time value of the money principle.

Principle of profitability and liquidity: This principle is vital to the investors since the investors need to ensure both liquidity and profitability. Liquidity refers to the marketability of an investment, as investors must invest in such a way that maximizes the profit while minimizing the risk.

Principles of diversity: This principle deals with building an optimum portfolio in order to minimize the risk. According to this principle, investments must be made selectively, and in different markets, some investments should be risky while others must be risk-free, which will ultimately minimize the risk.

Hedging principle of finance: According to the hedging principle of finance, the loan must always be taken from appropriate sources, and finance must be made from short-term sources for short-term fund requirements and from long-term sources for long-term fund requirements.


International Finance: International finance, also referred to as international macroeconomics, delves into the monetary interaction that transpires between several countries. The major areas of focus include currency exchange rates and foreign direct investment. With the increase in globalization, international finance has become incredibly important.

Personal Finance: Personal finance is one of the major types of financial management that deals with budgeting, savings, insurance, planning, mortgage, retirement planning, expenditure of monetary resources with time and various future life events and financial risks of an individual or family.

Corporate Finance: Corporate finance is a discipline of finance that studies the management of financial sources, investment decisions and capital structuring by a corporation. The major focus of this field is to maximize the shareholders’ value through implementing various strategies and short- and long-term financial planning. Accordingly, capital investment decisions and investment banking are the major activities under corporate finance.

Public Finance: Public finance refers to the management of the revenue, debt load and expenditure of a country through various quasi-government and government institutions. It includes tax systems, budget procedures, government expenditure, stabilization policy, debt issues, instruments and several other government concerns.

Behavioural Finance: Behavioural finance is a major discipline of finance that deals with studying the influence that psychology has on the activities of financial analysts and investors. It also delves into the effect of psychology on markets. The major focus of this field is that investors sometimes lose their rationality, their self-control diminishes; hence they get easily influenced by their biases.

Microfinance: Microfinance, also referred to as microcredit, is a special type of finance designed for individuals without access to financial services, including individuals with lower-income and who are unemployed. The major focus of microfinance is to make these individuals self-reliant. Microfinance options availed by the banks include saving accounts, training and microinsurance.


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finance assignment help


financial accounting assignment help
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