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Agricultural Engineering Assignment Help

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Agricultural Engineering is the discipline of engineering related to the application of science and design principles to design, build and improve the equipment and machinery used in agriculture. It combines various disciplines of engineering, including mechanical, electrical, civil, food science, chemical, software, and environmental engineering, to enhance the efficiency of farms and to ensure the sustainability of natural as well as renewable resources. It also facilitates soil management, livestock farming, and land development by planting, harvesting, storing, and processing the farm commodities in an efficient manner.

The primary objective of agricultural engineering is to amalgamate technology with farming. Agricultural engineers generally employ the concepts of engineering to develop new and improved designs, processes, equipment, systems, and plans in a farming project. They make agriculture much more sustainable, environmentally friendly, and safe by analyzing the current agricultural operations and understanding the need for new technologies and ways to improve land use, yields, and resource conservation.

They construct several agricultural infrastructures, including dams, warehouses, and water reservoirs. They also resolve the issues related to pollution and other environmental issues at large farms, use of facilities and structures, processing and storage of agricultural products. They also tend to develop new biofuels from resources like farm waste and algae. These fuels are highly economical and sustainable than gasoline. Depending on the various applications of agricultural engineering, it is divided into several subtypes.



Agricultural technology is also known as agrotechnology. It is the most fascinating field of agricultural engineering dealing with the application of technology in horticulture, aquaculture, and agriculture. The major objective of the use of technology, applications, or services is to enhance the efficiency, yield, and profitability. With the introduction of GPS, much technological advancement had been introduced within agriculture.


This field of agricultural engineering includes the designing of various agricultural equipment and structures and combines the principles of structural and mechanical engineering to achieve a significant advancement in agriculture, including large-row planters and automated steering and driving.


Bio-engineering mostly deals with genetically modified organisms and food engineering. Crop genetics in bioengineering enables the usage of fewer pesticides, makes the crop pest resistant and makes farming of crops much quicker and efficient. Bio-engineering is also related to the development of efficient and practical solutions for packaging, storing, transporting, producing, and processing agricultural products.


Food engineering is a sub-discipline of agricultural engineering that focuses on the manufacturing, processing, packaging, storage, distribution, and conservation of food products by applying various principles of science, engineering, and mathematics. In food engineering, various technologies are developed using chemical processes and actual engineering for portioning, coating, marination, cooking, freezing, packaging, and product formulation.


Agricultural resource management helps farmers to decide on the usage of parcels of land, allocation of land and water in order to reduce the number of chemicals and other resources used, hence reduce the overall cost of farming. It enables them to identify the efficiency, sustainability, and profitability of their livestock and fields for proper planning of resource management.


Waste management includes all the actions and activities that are required to manage the wastes from their collection to disposal. The process of waste management includes collection, treatment, and then removal of sewage, garbage, and several other wastes with proper regulation and monitoring.


Farm Structures: Farm structures are the different types of physical constructions that are used in a farm for crop and livestock production. These structures are vital as they help in enhancing the efficiency of the agricultural production. This is a significant area of agricultural engineering that deals with the design, proper and strategic planning, and building of these structures.

Mechanical power: Mechanical power is the third most important source of farm power. It refers to the amount of energy that is derived from stationary engines, including harrows, planters, harvester, ridges, plowers, processing, and moving engines like tractors. Tractors utilize diesel engines which form the major source of power in an agricultural field.

Electrification: Electrification refers to the process of charging something or powering with the use of electricity. Electrification or energy inputs are used in a wide range in almost all the stages of agricultural production in modern agriculture, including the use of energy in farm cultivation, harvesting, machinery, irrigation, and water management. Electrification enhances the efficiency of agricultural technologies, which will result in higher yields. Energy is also used for various post-harvest processes, including food manufacturing, storage, and transport.

Remote Sensing: Remote sensing refers to the method of monitoring and detecting the physical specifications of a land area by calculating the radiation that is reflected and emitted from the area. Remote sensing is highly beneficial in agriculture as it helps in determining the moisture content of a soil and facilitates the selection of crops that can be grown in the particular soil.

Soil and water conservation: Soil and water are the two most important natural resources that form the basic needs for agricultural production. Though the resources are abundant, but time is near that the whole world will be living in some form of scarcity; hence conservation of these resources is vital.

Soil conservation refers to the management of soil erosion to maintain agricultural efficiency and productivity. Soil erosion can result from both natural factors, including wind and water, as well as human factors, including cultivation and construction. Soil erosion needs to be minimized as it removes all the nutrients and organic matter of soil with the top layer of soil.

Water Conservation refers to the sustainable use of water. Water is utilized in nearly every aspect of everyday life, and a major portion of fresh water is used for farming, so sustainable use of water play a vital role.



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agricultural engineering assignment help


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Agriculture Engineering Assignment Help


agriculture engineering assignment help online


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