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Aeronautical engineering is a branch of engineering that is concerned with the development of aircrafts. It explores the procedure of designing and manufacturing aircrafts, and methods of manoeuvring aircrafts within earth’s atmosphere. Aeronautical engineering is largely focused on aerodynamics, which determines how a body behaves while passing through air. Aeronautical engineering has a number of sub-branches, such as aeronautical mechanical engineering which studies the construction and maintenance of airframes and engines of an aircraft. Aeronautical electronic engineering focus on the upkeep and manufacture of electronic equipment used in an aircraft, which can range from radio communication to navigation devices. Flight engineers are responsible for ensuring that an aircraft performs properly and safely while it is in air, and this would include pre-flight inspections and repairs, assessment of chances of system failure, and so on. It is a complex field of study that combines mathematics, sciences, engineering, and art.


Aircraft designing is the process by which multifaceted requirements are prioritised and fulfilled, in order to ensure that the model aircraft is sturdy, lightweight, cost-efficient, and has a lifespan that would guarantee considerable ROI. Aircraft designing, as a process, also needs to ensure that the machine is able to bear optimum load and fly safely, ensuring safety of crew and passengers, with minimized probability of hazard during its lifespan. Like other engineering design procedures, aircraft designing also combines sciences, engineering, and mathematics; it employs latest resources and technology to meet ultimate objectives. Crucial stages involved in aircraft designing are synthesis, construction, testing, analysis, and evaluation. Aeronautical engineers rely upon leading CAD (Computer Aided Design) softwares to help them with the designing process, and 3D modelling is of great help in assessing the mechanical structure and aerodynamic features of an aircraft. SolidWorks is one of the top CAD softwares that offer plethora of tools for aircraft designing, whether an engineer is trying to attempt a complex rendering or a prompt design. Users can draw/visualize their models in 2D and 3D, generate animations, attempt solid, curve or mesh modelling. Softwares like SharkCAD Pro also extend the scope for 3D printing, and have exclusive plug-ins and packages dedicated to aircraft designing, such as AeroPack. Other leading CAD softwares for aircrafts include Catia, Solid Edge, ADS, and SketchUp. Especially noteworthy is Cart3D, a software that is powered by NASA particularly for aeronautics and aerospace designing. From geometrical inputs to aircraft stability and post processing actions, all is taken care of by the software.


The word avionics is a combination of ‘aviation’ and ‘electronics’ and it is a field of study concerned with electronic systems which are incorporated in aircrafts, spacecrafts, and also artificial satellites. Such a system encompasses equipment for navigation, communication, control systems, devices to control performance, systems to integrate multiple devices working together, and much more. Hundreds of such systems are organized and required to work in harmony with one another within an aircraft, all of which fall within the purview of avionics. Communication devices which pertain to avionics are radios that facilitate the pilots in an aircraft to communicate with ground staff and with other pilots in air. Frequency levels for these radios can be ultra-high frequency (UHF), very high frequency (VHF), and high frequency (HF). Devices for radio navigation can vary from instrument landing systems to radar. Control systems within aircrafts comprise of torquemeter, tachometer, ratio indicators for exhaust pressure, and hundreds of other devices. To control performance of aircrafts, they are provided with machmeter, altimeter, indicator for turn and slip, along with numerous other indicators to display vertical velocity, airspeed, and such factors. Avionics can therefore be termed as the backbone of aircrafts.


Aerodynamics studies the motion of air, especially with respect to objects afloat in the air, thereby explaining how an object like an aircraft can fly. Rules of aerodynamics decide the behaviour of all objects in air, and four important forces related to aerodynamics are weight, lift, drag, and thrust. The weight of an object is determined by the force that gravity exerts on the object, and it is this same weight that determines how strong a push is required to make the object go in the direction opposite to gravity and stay afloat. This push in the direction opposite to gravity is called lift, and for aircrafts to fly upwards, the lift needs to be greater than the weight. In case of an airplane, the lift is accorded by its wings and for helicopters, the lift aspect of aerodynamics is taken care of by rotter blades. It is the shape of an airplane’s wings that help with the lifting, the curvature at the top and the flat bottom reduces the pressure of air at the top of the wings by making it flow down faster. Drag is the force exerted by air (or water) to slow down an object, and drag is less effective on round and narrow shapes compared to flat and broad surface area, which goes on to explain the round edges and narrow designs of airplanes. Thrust, in contrast to drag, is the force that moves a body forward. Airplanes get their thrusts from propellers while bigger or faster planes depend on jet engines. The laws and forces of aerodynamics decide the very behaviour of an aircraft during a flight.


Flight dynamics is concerned with the control and orientation of an aircraft afloat in three dimensions. There are three significant parameters of flight dynamics which are related to angles of rotation in three dimensions, around the centre of gravity of an aircraft. These three parameters are also referred to as pitch, roll, and yaw, where yaw is rotation along the vertical axis, controlled by the rudder; roll is rotation along the front to back axis affected by the ailerons, and pitch is rotation along the side to side axis, brought about by elevators. Control systems for flight dynamics maintain the orientation of the aircraft around its centre of gravity. While working on flight dynamics, aeronautical engineers create mathematical models which are supported by simulations for better analysis of all parameters. One needs to pay attention to aerodynamic configurations, laws of motion, and lateral-longitudinal-directional motion, among other things. CAD softwares are notably useful in this regard.


Aero engine or aircraft engine is a part of an aircraft’s propulsion system which is responsible for providing power to the aircraft. Like engines of any other vehicle, this is perhaps the most important part of an aircraft. Aero engines are mostly gas turbines or piston engines, though electric motors are also being explored in the industry, so far having been employed in smaller aircrafts only. In case of jet planes, the blades of an engine rotate at a great speed with the objective of compressing the air, which is consequently sprayed with fuel and set alight with an electric spark. When the gases begin to burn, they expand and blast out forcefully through the nozzle available at the rear end of the engine, thereby thrusting the aircraft forward. An aero engine comprises of numerous parts which are compressor, fan, turbine, combustor, and nozzle. Each of these parts function in sync, making an aero engine function opulently. An aspect just as important as the aero engine is the airframe, which is the mechanical structure of an aircraft, the primary thing for engineers to design when they are envisioning a model aircraft. Designing an airframe requires an amalgamation of materials technology with aerodynamics and manufacturing procedures. Wings, fuselage, empennage, and undercarriage of an aircraft are parts of the airframe, but the propeller is considered to be a separate entity.


Wind tunnels are giant tubes with air flowing inside them, and they can be big enough to accommodate real vehicles inside. Wind tunnels are used by organizations like NASA to study and improve behaviour of aircrafts and spacecrafts when moving through air. Air within such tunnels are provided by powerful fans, and models or actual vehicles that are being tested are fastened to limit movement. Dyes are commonly used to study the movement patterns of air while the object’s behaviour is being simultaneously gauged. Wind pressure working on the object is measured through scientific instruments. Testing an aircraft in a wind tunnel is a prerequisite before it can be declared safe for flight. They help to examine if alterations in the shape of an aircraft’s parts or use of new material has a positive or negative impact on the aircraft. They also help to improve aircraft models and make them safer. Along with aircrafts, spacecrafts such as rockets are also tested inside wind tunnels to see if they would withstand different atmospheric conditions. With wind tunnels, durability of spacecrafts in alien atmosphere like that of Mars can also be checked, and spacecrafts can be designed accordingly.


Aero engineering thermodynamics is a study of the law of thermodynamics that help to understand the possibilities for thermo-mechanical conversion of energy in propulsion systems and aerospace power. Aero Engineering thermodynamics include an exploration of the laws of thermodynamics with respect to closed and open systems, along with a study of thermal equipment integrated in an aircraft. Concepts of entropy, real and ideal gases, enthalpy, and quasi-static procedures are also important parts of aero engineering thermodynamics. An engineer well versed with aero engineering thermodynamics is capable of identifying the different energy exchange procedures working in an aircraft system, is capable of balancing them, and can measure thermal efficiency of the systems, among other things


Bernoulli’s principle and venturi tubes are two important aspects of fluid mechanics. Bernoulli’s principle explains the behaviour of a fluid which flows through different cross-sectioned areas of a tube, and a tube where this cross-sectional area gradually decreases is named a venturi tube. Within a venturi tube, liquid moves at a low velocity in wider areas and creates high static pressure. The velocity increases in narrower areas, and static pressure is decreased. This model has important applications in an aircraft since it explains how wings of an aircraft cause it to lift and why a turbine engine’s intel duct has a diverging form in subsonic aircrafts. Wings of an aircraft are curved in shape at the top with a flatter bottom surface. This curvature at the top works like the converging centre of a venturi tube, and therefore, when air flows through the top curvature, its velocity increases and static pressure falls. The static pressure experienced by the flatter bottom area now becomes relatively greater, and this imbalance creates the lift helping an aircraft to fly.


Elements of aeronautics is a wide field of study which covers different aspects of aeronautics including the historical development of aircrafts and their parts, configurations of aircrafts, principles of flight, propulsion and aerodynamics, structures of airplanes, materials used for construction of different parts and systems within an airplane, and much more. History of aeronautics is centred around the earliest forms of aircrafts, such as monoplanes, biplanes, multiplanes and evolution of structure, mechanism, propulsion, and aerodynamics of aircrafts over years. Configuration of aircrafts are related to the diverse aircraft systems and their functions. Principles of flight relates to atmosphere and its properties, air pressure and flight behaviour in response to change in altitude and temperature, and so on. Propulsion and aerodynamics refer to specific elements of aeronautics such as centre of pressure, wing loading, aspect ratio, drag curves, turboprops, and thrust generators. Study of structures and materials refer to an understanding of basic fuselage and wing structures, use of metals and alloys, stainless steel, and aluminium to name a few.


Stress analysis is the study of stresses or loads which act upon aircrafts. When an aircraft is flying or static, multiple forces act on it, thereby creating stress. In static condition, the most significant force acting on an aircraft is gravity. Gravity creates maximum stress on an aircraft during landing and take-off, and these stresses are countered by the landing gear. When in air, any increase or decrease in velocity of the aircraft imposes stress on fuselage and wings. Five primary types of stress which work on an aircraft are compression, tension, bending, shear, and torsion; each of these stresses are absorbed by wings and empennage, to be transferred to the fuselage. Stress analysis studies and analyses these stresses with the intention of incorporating features within an aircraft that would balance these stresses. Such stress analysis is typically conducted while designing an aircraft. Designs, materials, structures, and equipment to be used are determined accordingly. Aeronautical Engineers use CAD softwares to create 3D models or simulations of aircrafts to perform stress analysis. Femap is one such software.


Aeroelasticity is a field of aeronautical engineering that peruses the interactions between aerodynamic, inertial, and elastic forces when an elastic object is experiencing fluid flow. Aeroelasticity is of great relevance with respect to aircrafts since they withstand enormous aerodynamic stress. As such, aircrafts are designed in such a manner that they can overcome common problems of aeroelasticity such as flutter, that is, uncontrolled vibration of an aircraft which can cause damage or absolute destruction; the second problem is divergence, a case where aerodynamic stress work on wings to exacerbate the angle of attack, thereby increasing the force, which can be a threat; a third problem is control reversal, where activation of control creates a contrasting aerodynamic moment such that the control is either reduced or in worst case scenario, its effectiveness in entirely reversed. Aeroelasticity is typically classified into static aeroelasticity and dynamic aeroelasticity. The other significant elements of aeroelasticity are buffeting, load distribution, and dynamic response.


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